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  • Disconnect the Internet from your Magbox

  • Switch on the box , it will display ” Page Loading Error “

  • Go to System Settings

  • Go to Servers

  • Go to Portals

  • Go to URL 1

  • Press KB button on remote to bring the keyboard on screen

  • Type the address ( this will be given when you subscribe )

  • Once ready , press again the KB button to remove the keyboard on screen

  • Press OK to save

  • To go back to main menu press the button with a ” House Symbol “

  • Restart Portal

  • You are done

  • method payment

  • westernunion iptvspeedmoneygrame iptvspeediptvspeedhdiptv speedhd

You can now pay with Bitcoins !

You can now pay with bitcoins ( 12 months subscription )

Email before so we will give you details

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